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The Wartmann Tritan high-speed blender, powerhouse in a beautiful retro jacket

Do you also want to make delicious healthy smoothies, soup, pesto, spreads or fruit ice cream super fast? Then this Wartmann high-speed vacuum blender* with a motor that spins up to 30,000 rpm is a perfect choice. * The vacuum pump is sold separately.

Note: vacuum accessories are available separately and are not included.

What makes this vacuum blender so special?

  • Heating soup or sauces
  • Super-fast vacuum blending*
  • No oxidation and retention of nutrients*
  • Longer storage of your smoothies, soups and sauces*
  • Handy optional temperature stick so it never gets too hot!
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Super fast and powerful

The Wartmann high-speed blender is not only compact but also very powerful. With the smart dial you can choose from 10 different speeds and 3 preset menus that perfectly prepare the most popular recipes. The jug is made of Tritan: a transparent, indestructible and BPA-free material. The blades are made of high quality, durable stainless steel for long-lasting sharp blades.

The Wartmann high-speed blender chops fruits and vegetables into very fine particles to release all the essential vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, making it an excellent choice as a raw food blender.

Blending under vacuum

The optional Wartmann vacuum pump very effectively removes all air from the jar before blending. This prevents oxidation of vitamins and discoloration of fruits and juices.

Vacuuming eliminates oxidation

Handy vacuum drinking cups have been developed so that you can keep your juices cooled and under vacuum for even longer. By using a vacuum blender, the juice will keep a better texture and freshness. In addition, the fibers are not separated from the juice, so no more layers after a few minutes, but just deliciously healthy, fiber-rich and smooth juice.

An asset to any healthy kitchen!

With the various speeds and menus, the optional vacuum system and accessories, the Wartmann high-speed blender is an asset for anyone who wants to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Go beyond just perfectly creamy smoothies and soup and use the Wartmann high-speed blender to make your own peanut butter without additives, or grind your own coffee beans!

Make hot soup in just 8 minutes with the preset menu. For the paleo diet, the cooking time can be shortened to about 4 minutes to keep the temperature around 45 degrees or just below.

Available in 5 colors!

The Wartmann high-speed blender is available in 5 beautiful colors; matt black, grey, white, red, mint green.
Optional accessories include a matching vacuum pump , vacuum cups , resealable vacuum bags and a temperature stick.

Features Wartmann Tritan Blender WM-1807 HS

  • Powerful motor with up to 30,000 rpm
  • High speed allows this blender to heat!
  • Indestructible, 2 liter BPA free Triton jug
  • High quality durable stainless steel blades
  • By blending under a vacuum you prevent oxidation of nutrients. Healthy!
  • Compact and powerful design, smart dial with 10 speeds, 3 preset menus and a pulse function
  • Heating of soups and sauces by kinetic energy
  • Perfect device for a 'raw food' diet
  • Prevents discoloration of some fruit and vegetable juices (requires the optional vacuum pump)
  • Available in 5 fashionable colors

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1250 W
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