Sous-vide container without lid

A sous-vide water bowl made of transparent polycarbonate is ideal for sous-vide preparations. They are high enough for any sous-vide stick and provide strength and security. You can see how the process goes and offer enough space in different sizes. We offer sous-vide reservoirs with and without a lid, and an optional insulating cover / sleeve.

Did you know that we also have sous-vide containers with a lid ?

Have you seen our insulated sous-vide water bowls? This saves you up to 75% on energy .

Ziva sous-vide waterbak Medium
Save 20%
25,00 20,00
Delivery ± 12 march
Size of reservoirMedium (12L) Inclusief dekselNee IsolatedNo Height200mm Dimensions325 x 265 mm (GN1 / 2)
Ziva sous-vide waterbak Large
Save 14%
35,00 30,00
Tomorrow at home
Size of reservoirLarge (18L) Inclusief dekselNee Height320mm Dimensions290 x 300 mm
Ziva sous-vide waterbak Small
Save 25%
20,00 14,99
Tomorrow at home
Size of reservoirSmall (7L) Inclusief dekselNee Height200mm Dimensions325 x 176 mm (GN1 / 3)
Ziva sous-vide waterbak XLarge
Save 13%
40,00 34,99
Not in stock
Size of reservoirXLarge (28L) Inclusief dekselNee IsolatedNo Height200mm Dimensions530 x 325 mm (GN1 / 1)
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