Sous Vide Water Ovens

Below you will find the largest selection of  Sous Vide water ovens (also known as Sous Vide water container / reservoir).

As all in one solution, a Sous Vide water oven is more efficient and easier to use than a Sous Vide stick (or sous vide immersion heater), but it does take up more space in the kitchen and is less versatile in terms of capacity.

Looking for a device that you can use more for? Then have a look at our Sous Vide / slow cooker combinations.

Hendi sous-vide machine GN2/3 (13 liters)
Save 15%
361,19 307,01
Tomorrow at home
Power rating400 W
Tomorrow at home
Power rating550 W
Caso SV 900 Sous Vide Center
Save 25%
399,00 299,95
Tomorrow at home
Sous-vide wateroven Wartmann WM-1601 SV (28 liter)
Save 17%
599,99 499,95
Tomorrow at home
Power rating2000 W
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