Insulated sous-vide water bowls

With the high energy prices, you would do well to save as much energy as possible on your sous-vide cooking process. That is why we have developed special energy-saving, insulating sleeves (sleeves) for our sous-vide water bowls and sous-vide lid. This way you save up to 75% on energy costs and the water stays warmer, which also protects your sous-vide stick because it needs to be heated less (often). So if you regularly cook sous-vide, these sets will quickly pay for themselves and your sous-vide stick will last longer.

Read this article and save up to 75% energy with sous vide .

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Size of reservoirMedium (12L) IsolatedYes Height200mm Dimensions325 x 265 mm (GN1 / 2)
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Size of reservoirXLarge (28L) IsolatedYes Height200mm Dimensions530 x 325 mm (GN1 / 1)
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Size of reservoirSmall (7L) IsolatedYes Height200mm Dimensions325 x 176 mm (GN1 / 3)
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Size of reservoirLarge (18L) IsolatedYes Height320mm Dimensions290 x 300 mm
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