The best service for the best price

At Kenners, we value excellent services, personal support (with knowledge) and responsible after-sales. That is not always possible for the lowest price. That is why we promise you our Best Price when you follow the rules.

Rules Best Price Guarantee

  • Only web stores are eligible for a comparison.
  • Temporary, limited or offers with loyalty points are excluded.
  • Service, warranty and delivery time must be comparable.
  • The item offered elsewhere must be exactly the same as our item.
  • The item must be clearly advertised with a unique and valid item number.
  • The competing (web) store must be established within the EU.
  • Unofficial dealers of the product concerned are excluded.
  • The price must be verifiable. The last price check is done by Kenners staff.
  • If we compare the competitor's price with our price, we include any shipping costs from us and the competitor in that calculation.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot use personal discount codes if we have applied the Best Price Guarantee to your request. The code is valid for other products that you order.
  • We reserve the right not to act /respond if a competitor is far below the market price or if it concerns a price error.
  • Not valid on used cars and outlet models.

How do I pass a lower price?

Use the form below. Send a link from the competitor's product page and the price (as it appears at the competitor). Enter your name and e-mail address (or telephone number) so that we can contact you. If the price is indeed lower according to the rules of the game, you will be credited with the difference amount.


Aanbevolen door Kenners!
Dutch - Sous Vide Thuis (Lisa Q. Fetterman)
Shipped today
Hendi sous-vide chef's burner - refillable Save
32,95 39,00
Shipped today
Thermometer Testo 106 with Topsafe Save
59,99 69,00
Shipped today
Hendi Smoker Compact Deluxe smoking device Save
38,72 38,95
Shipped today
Hendi Santokumes Profi Line 18 cm
Shipped today
Hendi Snijplank Rubberwood groot Save
34,98 36,24
Shipped today

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