Free accessories!

As true specialists and avid home cooks, we know better than anyone what you need. That is why we give free accessories with most orders from € 49 that add value and are useful for your hobby.

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Promotion conditions

Free products are automatically added to your cart when your order qualifies. If no free products are added to your shopping cart, there is therefore no additional offer and you cannot recover from this later. You may receive the following products:

  • a sous-vide table with almost all sous-vide products, from € 49
  • vacuum bags with most vacuum machines
  • descaler with almost all sous-vide sticks.
  • Please note: no free products are currently given with food dryers.

The free products are automatically added when you add the product to your shopping cart. You do not need to do anything else. If the product is not added, this offer does not apply.