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Anova is the global market leader in sous vide (read our detailed explanation in our article "What is sous vide?") for consumers. They are proud of the sous vide sticks they've created: precise, consistent and simple. They are proud of the #AnovaFoodNerd community they have inspired. Most importantly, they learned along the way that Anova is more than just a good sous vide device. It is a way of turning everyday cooking into a meaningful, personal and positive experience with sous vide. It's a way to connect - with your family, with your friends and with your community. Making it easy to cook like a pro allows you to focus on what really matters.

Kenners is proud to be an official dealer of the entire range of Anova sous vide products and accessories.

Delivery on 3 june
Power rating750 W
Anova Precision Cooker Pro 3.0 sous vide stick 1800W
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459,00 399,99
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Power rating1800 W
Tomorrow at home
Tomorrow at home
Power rating110 W Vacuum machine typeExternal vacuum machine
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Power rating80 W Vacuum machine typeExternal vacuum machine
Ziva - Anova Nano EVA case
Save 20%
24,99 19,99
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Delivery on Monday
Choose your size28x600cm
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Choose your size20 x 30 cm
Shipped in 2 days
Power rating1100 W
Pakket - Anova Nano 3.0 + Ziva EasyVac + 12L waterbak
Save 11%
234,99 209,95
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Pakket - Anova Nano 3.0 + Ziva EasyVac + 18L waterbak
Save 10%
244,99 219,99
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Choose your reservoirLarge 18L (± 12 servings) Choose your sous vide stickAnova Nano (800W) Choose your vacuum machineZiva EasyVac
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