Embossed Organic Vacuum Bags

Make a conscious choice and use our compostable, biodegradable vacuum bags for sous-vide cooking and food storage/freezing. This way you prevent plastic waste and give nature a helping hand. These bags are suitable for sous-vide up to 99°C (tested up to 99 hours). So more than enough for your recipes. In addition, these bio bags are suitable for use in your freezer down to -25° (unlimited duration). Ideal vacuum bags for cooking and storage, and good for the environment too! win win!

Ziva bio vacuum bags embossed 20x30cm
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Choose your sizeMedium: 20x30cm
Ziva sous-vide bio vacuum bags relief 15x25cm (50pcs/pack)
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Choose your sizeSmall: 15x25cm
Ziva bio vacuum bags relief 30x40cm
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Choose your sizeLarge: 30x40cm
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