Sous-vide lids

A sous-vide water bowl needs a lid! If you don't have these yet, we also offer them separately. The big advantage of a lid on your sous-vide reservoir is that it saves energy and (largely) prevents evaporation of your water. This makes a significant difference with long preparations (24+ hours) so that you don't have to keep adding water. So carefree. With the compliments of the Experts!

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Compatible reservoirsMedium (12L) Size of reservoirMedium (12L) Inclusief dekselAlleen deksel
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Compatible reservoirsXLarge (24L) Size of reservoirXLarge (28L) Inclusief dekselAlleen deksel IsolatedNo Dimensions530 x 325 mm (GN1 / 1)
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Compatible reservoirsLarge (18L) Size of reservoirLarge (18L) Inclusief dekselAlleen deksel Dimensions290 x 300 mm
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Compatible reservoirsSmall (7L) Size of reservoirSmall (7L) Inclusief dekselAlleen deksel Dimensions325 x 176 mm (GN1 / 3)
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