Sous vide sticks

A sous-vide stick is a relatively compact sous-vide machine that you can place upright in a (suitable) reservoir and that somewhat resembles a large hand blender. The sous-vide water bath can, for example, be a large stockpot, bucket or even a storage box. But make sure that the material can withstand the temperatures of the sous-vide recipe, otherwise the material will become soft and limp. We recommend the use of our transparent polycarbonate sous-vide trays . As long as the water level is sufficient for the minimum and maximum immersion depth of the circulator. They are more economical in relation to the maximum water capacity than sous-vide water ovens .

These sous-vide devices are also called sous-vide stick, sous-vide (circulation) controller, sous-vide immersion heater and very occasionally called roner, water bath heater or water bath thermostat.

Ziva Sense sous-vide stick compact 800W IPX7 (25 liters)
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99,99 79,99
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Power rating800 W
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Power rating1200 W
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Power rating1300 W
Anova Precision® Cooker Nano sous-vide stick 750W (Bluetooth)
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168,95 158,99
Shipped today!
Power rating750 W
Roner Clip Sous Vide stick Professional
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199,00 189,99
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Power rating800 W
Shipped today!
Power rating1000 W
Anova Precision Cooker Pro sous-vide stick 1800W
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429,00 399,00
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Power rating1800 W
Wartmann sous-vide stick Elite II WM-1509 SV
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249,00 245,00
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Power rating1500 W
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Power rating2200 W
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