Ziva Savant (1200W)

The Ziva Savant sous-vide stick has been designed with a strong focus on reliability, because there's nothing more annoying than discovering in the morning that the device has failed and you can throw everything away. The Ziva Savant is the most reliable sous-vide stick in our range ever.

Package - Ziva Savant + Ziva OneTouch + Sous-Vide Water Bowl
Save 35%
274,99 180,00
Power rating800 W Choose your reservoirMedium 12L (± 8 servings)
Package - Ziva Savant + Ziva EasyVac + Sous-Vide Water Bowl
Save 40%
234,99 140,00
Choose your reservoirMedium 12L (± 8 servings)
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