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Our full range of sous vide water containers / reservoirs and sticks for the professional kitchen, such as (à la carte) restaurants, caterers / catering, canteens and butchers. These products are intended for light and heavy professional use. We also have an extensivesous-vide-for-home-use range.

At you can count on the largest selection of sous vide equipments, the right prices, excellent advices and the best services.

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Hendi sous-vide machine GN2/3 (13 liters)
Save 15%
361,19 307,01
Tomorrow at home
Power rating400 W
Anova Precision Cooker Pro 3.0 sous vide stick 1800W
Save 13%
459,00 399,99
Tomorrow at home
Power rating1800 W
Hendi sous-vide machine GN1/1 (20 liters)
Save 15%
499,13 424,26
Tomorrow at home
Power rating600 W
Hendi externe vacuümmachine Profi Line (350mm)
Save 15%
635,25 539,96
Tomorrow at home
Sous-vide stick iVide Plus Junior (1500W / 50 liter)
Save 20%
499,99 399,99
Tomorrow at home
Tomorrow at home
Power rating1500 W
Sous-vide stick iVide Plus
Save 15%
816,75 694,24
Tomorrow at home
Power rating2200 W
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