Free laminated sous-vide table with sous-vide orders of €49 or more

With this table, you will always have all sous-vide times and temperatures for all products by thickness at hand!
Please note that you only get this table with sous-vide related purchases (so not food dryers, etc).

So you never have to search online for the right time or temperature again. At your service!

A4 size.
all imaginable products from chicken to game and fruit.
laminated, so water- and stain-proof.
In the attachments tab you will find this table in digital form for downloading (and as a preview).

If you have your own laminator or sleeves, you can use this to make your own version inexpensively.

Promotion applies to

Ziva OneTouch - vacuum sealer
Save 20%
99,99 79,99
Tomorrow at home
Power rating110 W Max. vacuum0.8bar Vacuum machine typeExternal vacuum machine Speed12ltr/min Max width of bag / foil30cm
Ziva Savant - sous vide stick
Save 23%
129,99 99,99
Tomorrow at home
Power rating1200 W
Tomorrow at home
Size of reservoirMedium (12L) IsolatedNo Height200mm Dimensions325 x 265 mm (GN1 / 2)
Wartmann WM-1507 SV
Save 19%
159,99 129,99
Tomorrow at home
Power rating1300 W
Tomorrow at home
Power rating750 W
Compatible reservoirsSmall (7L), Medium (12L), Large (18L), XLarge (24L)
Foodsaver vacuümmachine Profi Line RVS FSV005
Save 10%
199,99 179,99
Tomorrow at home
Power rating105 W Vacuum machine typeExternal vacuum machine Speed8ltr/min Max width of bag / foil28cm Adjustable vacuum pressureNo
Vacuümmachine Wartmann Elite WM-1506 EL
Save 18%
279,99 229,95
Tomorrow at home
Power rating475 W Vacuum machine typeExternal vacuum machine Speed16ltr/min Max width of bag / foil31cm Adjustable vacuum pressureYes
Tomorrow at home
Delivery timeOrdered before 22:00, delivered tomorrow
Hendi sous-vide machine GN2/3 (13 liters)
Save 15%
361,19 307,01
Tomorrow at home
Power rating400 W
Anova Precision Cooker Pro 3.0 sous vide stick 1800W
Save 13%
459,99 399,99
Tomorrow at home
Power rating1800 W
Tomorrow at home
Power rating550 W
Foodsaver vacuümmachine Top Line RVS FSV2860
Save 5%
189,00 179,99
Tomorrow at home
Power rating105 W Vacuum machine typeExternal vacuum machine Speed6ltr/min Max width of bag / foil30cm Adjustable vacuum pressureYes
Hendi sous-vide machine GN1/1 (20 liters)
Save 15%
499,13 424,26
Tomorrow at home
Power rating600 W
Ziva - Vacuum Hand pump - Manual - plus 10 bags + 2 Clamps
Save 25%
19,99 14,99
Tomorrow at home
Max. vacuum0.50bar Vacuum machine typeExternal vacuum machine Speed8ltr/min External hose connectionYes, suitable for various vacuum accessories
Tomorrow at home
Compatible reservoirsMedium (12L) Size of reservoirMedium (12L)
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