Espressions DUO Sous Vide & Slowcooker EP4000

Espressions of Australia, designed for food

Durability, top quality and optimal ease of use. These are the main features of Espressions of Australia kitchen appliances.

Developed for both the professional user and the demanding hobby cook. Because good tools are half the battle. The robust no-nonsense kitchen appliances are therefore regularly seen in the popular ones

cooking programs Master Chef Australia and Junior Master Chef Australia. Available in Australia under the Sunbeam brand and in Europe under the Espressions brand.

Roner Clip Sous Vide stick Professional
Save 5%
199,00 189,99
Delivery on 3 october
Power rating800 W
Delivery on 3 october
Power rating550 W
Tomorrow at home
Power rating400 W
Espressions Smart Sous Vide EP5000
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199,00 179,00
Tomorrow at home
Power rating700 W
Espressions EP5601 Droogmatjes folie (5 stuks)
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16,90 12,95
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Tomorrow at home
Power rating2000 W
Tomorrow at home
Power rating700 W
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