Wartmann Sous Vide machine kopen met vacuummachine

Inspiring, quality and affordable

That is what Wartmann stands for! The Wartmann WM-1507 SV sous vide circulator is the absolute workhorse among the sous vide circulators available in the Netherlands. With 1300 watts and an elegant yet indestructible design, the Wartmann WM-1507 SV sous vide circulator is an absolute must for any serious home chef looking to start sous vide cooking. In addition, Wartmann offers a collection of high-quality vacuum machines, vacuum storage boxes, vacuum bags and vacuum foil rolls.


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Power rating1300 W
Wartmann Elite WM-1506 EL vacuum sealer
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279,00 228,99
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Power rating475 W Vacuum machine typeExternal vacuum machine Speed16ltr/min Max width of bag / foil31cm Adjustable vacuum pressureYes
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Power rating100 W Vacuum machine typeExternal vacuum machine Speed6ltr/min Max width of bag / foil30cm Adjustable vacuum pressureNo
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Power rating800 W
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Product type


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Adjustable vacuum
Capacity (liters)
Power (W)
Which sous-vide stick?
Vacuum hose
Which vacuumsealer?
Pulsating marinating
Which water reservoir?
Removable marinade chamber
Working with vacuum foil
Type of vacuum bags
Bag / foil width

cm  –  cm

  • 15cm
  • 28cm
Bag / foil length

cm  –  cm

  • 20cm
  • 600cm
Vacuum sealer type
Pump (ltr / min)

ltr/min  –  ltr/min

  • 6ltr/min
  • 70ltr/min
Max width bag / foil (cm)

cm  –  cm

  • 29cm
  • 31cm