Foodsaver vacuümmachine Premium zilver FSV015 + fresh adapter

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Foodsaver vacuum machine Premium silver FSV015 + fresh adapter

When you buy something in the supermarket, the packaging says: '' limited shelf life after opening. ''
But that's a thing of the past! Pack everything yourself again so that the products are packed in the supermarket!

Oxygen is disastrous for fresh food

Bacteria and fungi attack food. This spoils a lot of fresh food, which disappears into the waste bin (millions of tons per year). Bacteria and fungi live in the presence of oxygen. By withdrawing oxygen from the fresh products, they remain stable.

FoodSaver withdraws most of all oxygen from fresh food. This keeps it up to 5 times longer. The FoodSaver system has both fresh bags and fresh boxes. Freezing food and storing it in the refrigerator are two main applications. However, cooking in the sousvide way (slow cooking of vacuum-packed meat, making it very tender) has also become a simple operation with FoodSaver.

With its silver finish, it actually looks premium, making it a jewel for any kitchen. It is also multifunctional, with its seal-only mode and special moist and dry sealing function for vacuuming moist food.

Article code: FSV0015
Material: ABS


  • Foil roll 28 x 304 cm
  • 5x Vacuum bag 20 x 29 cm
  • 5x Vacuum bag 28 x 36 cm
  • Vacuum hose
  • Bottle stopper
  • Instruction manual
  • including fresh adapter, to be used with the new Fresh-Box food containers series.

Product type
Vacuum machines (home / external)
2 year
Power rating
200 W
Max. vacuum
0.75 bar
Vacuum machine type
  • External vacuum machine
Max width of bag / foil
30 cm
Adjustable vacuum pressure
Seal strip
3 mm
Adjustable sealing time
External hose connection
Yes, suitable for various vacuum accessories
Pulsating marinating
Working with marinade
No provision. Be careful!
Working with vacuum foil
No special facilities
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