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Powerful and comprehensive Caso VC 350 vacuum machine for the home

The Caso VC 350 vacuum machine fully automatically removes 90% of the air (vacuuming) from your foil or bag and then seals it airtight. This preserves all the flavors and smells of the ingredients. In addition, your food stays fresh for up to 8 times longer without preservatives, making it a perfect fit for a healthy lifestyle.

Please note: this vacuum machine is only suitable for vacuum bags with relief and vacuum foil with relief

The intuitive operation of the Caso VC 350 vacuum machine via the Soft Touch Panel makes it possible to vacuum and seal individually, or both in a fully automatic cycle. Press the lid until you hear a click on both sides. You can now release the lid and start the automatic vacuuming program. Very easy! The particularly smooth finish of the housing and the seamless control panel make this device exceptionally easy to keep clean and therefore very hygienic (excellent for sous-vide).

Ideal for vacuum foils

Thanks to the special vacuum foil roll holder on the back and the integrated knife in the lid, you can process vacuum foil even faster!

Suitable for vacuum boxes and wine stoppers

This versatile vacuum machine also comes with a hose that you can connect to the special connection on the top . This makes it possible to use certain vacuum accessories such as vacuum storage boxes and vacuum bottle caps .

Ideal for vacuuming marinated products

The removable vacuum chamber protects against accidental suction of moisture into the pump, which can damage it; therefore this machine is ideal for moist products or products with marinade and moisture in the bag. Note: too much moisture can still damage the machine. Always freeze the product with a vacuum bag, and therefore always briefly before vacuuming.

Features of the Caso VC 350 vacuum machine

  • Fully automatic vacuum system for vacuuming food
  • New: stainless steel front cover
  • New: adjustable sealing time
  • Adjustable drying time (dry or moist food) for a perfect weld seam
  • Vacuum sealing suitable for sous vide
  • With folding knife to cut foil to the desired length
  • With foil box for direct use
  • Vacuum regulation for more sensitive products
  • Natural preservation - without preservatives
  • Ideal for meat, fish, vegetables and fruit
  • Max. 30 cm reel roll for any length of foil
  • Removable vacuum chamber
  • Vacuum control with stop button, perfect for delicate products
  • Electronic temperature control of the weld seam
  • Expandable with universal lid for vacuum containers
  • Includes 2 professional vacuum film rolls
  • Including hose for trays
  • Power: 120 watts
  • Voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz (CE, GS)

Warranty: 2 years



Product type
Vacuum machines (home / external)
2 year
Power rating
120 W
Max. vacuum
0.8 bar
Vacuum machine type
  • External vacuum machine
Max width of bag / foil
30 cm
Adjustable vacuum pressure
Seal strip
2 x 2 mm
Adjustable sealing time
Yes, wet and dry
External hose connection
Yes, suitable for various vacuum accessories
Pulsating marinating
Working with marinade
Removable drip tray (dishwasher)
Working with vacuum foil
Integrated knife and roll holder
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Operation manual for CASO VC 350 (Operation_manual_for_CASO_VC_350.pdf, 1,839 Kb) [Download]

Datasheet (4038437013948_Caso_1394_Datasheet.pdf, 3,085 Kb) [Download]

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