Wat is sous-vide?

Sous vide is French for "under vacuum". Sous-vide is the process of heating vacuum-packed food in a water bath at a relatively low and constant temperature so that it is cooked gradually and evenly. Sous-vide is suitable for the preparation of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, desserts and even cocktails.

With sous-vide you can easily cook dishes to perfection. No stress because you hardly have to pay attention: simply set the right temperature and (minimum) time and sous-vide does the rest and the result is always great. Results like the photo below are very simple and are no longer reserved for chefs. Even you can prepare a large Picanha to perfection in an instant. Read on to find out how it works and why sous-vide is for you or view the cheapest sous-vide discount bundle , carefully compiled by our sous-vide experts.

Sous vide: perfectly cooked picanha

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Table of contents

  1. What do you need for sous vide ?
  2. Video of the sous vide process
  3. What Experts Say About Sous Vide
  4. Why would you cook sous vide ?
  5. FAQ: frequently asked questions about sous-vide
  6. The difference between sous vide and traditional yarn
    1. Traditional preparation in pan
    2. Sous vide preparation
  7. Cooking in plastic is not dirty
  8. Brown crust with a chef's burner (maillard reaction)
  9. The principles behind sous vide
  10. The benefits of sous vide
  11. The disadvantages of sous vide?
  12. The sous vide process: the steps
  13. Even more advantages of sous vide
  14. Sous vide has become affordable
  15. Do you want to start with sous-vide at an affordable price ?
  16. Sous-vide stick or water oven ?
    1. Sous vide sticks
    2. Sous-vide water ovens
  17. Perfect steak with sous vide
  18. Sousvi expert: the specialist in the Netherlands and Belgium
  19. Convinced of sous vide ?

What do you need for sous vide?

Ziva Sense sous-vide discount bundle What do you need to get started with sous-vide:

  1. a sous-vide stick * and a water reservoir. You can also use a pan or even a bucket, but we recommend a polycarbonate sous-vide water bowl .
  2. or a sous-vide water oven *.
  3. a vacuum machine and vacuum bags or vacuum foil . Although this is not strictly necessary, we definitely recommend using a solid vacuum machine for a much better, more consistent sous-vide result. You already have

* In this article we explain the difference between a sous-vide stick and a water oven.

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Watch this video about the sous vide process


What experts say about Sous-vide

"I am a huge believer in vacuum-prepared meat because it guarantees that the final result is achieved that the professional chef cannot improve." - Robert Kranenborg .

“Sous-vide has been the primary advance in cooking techniques in decades” - Heston Blumenthal

Why would you cook sous vide?

Cooking with sous vide has many advantages and is very much on the rise. The ease with which you prepare perfect dishes makes sous-vide very popular: more people are discovering how great it is!

Sous-vide cooking is also for you, because:

  • you can do preparations that are not possible in a classic way.
  • you have very good control of the process.
  • you save a lot of time in the kitchen.
  • you can cook with less fat, salt and spices.
  • you retain more moisture and flavor.
  • you have a higher yield.
  • you now get the cuisson very gradually and evenly in the product.
  • you can keep many preparations for weeks afterwards.
  • you can move your work to quiet moments.
  • it is a very food safe way, if applied properly.
  • you can now perfectly apply core temperatures.  

FAQ: frequently asked questions about sous-vide

Check out our FAQ with answers to the most frequently asked questions about sous-vide cooking . You can also ask your questions on this page and we will do our best to answer them as soon as possible.  

The difference between sous vide and traditional yarn

With sous-vide (also called), the product is thoroughly cooked, possibly including herbs or marinade. You only need to bake or burn and finish after the vacuum cooking .

Prepare perfect steak with sous-vide cooking!  

Traditional preparation in pan

You heat a pan or oven and then the product is prepared by means of contact heat with a large difference in temperature and relatively high insulation from heat due to the presence of (stationary) air. The trick is to stop the heat transfer at the right time. If you stop the heat transfer too early, the food is not (sufficiently) cooked, and if you stop too late, you risk burning your food (with the possible formation of potentially carcinogenic substances). In addition, a relatively large amount of moisture, and therefore taste and nutrients, evaporates during this process. It is not without reason that chefs usually have many years of experience before they are able to prepare their dishes perfectly and tastefully time after time. Chefs sometimes say: you are only as good as your last result.  

Sous vide preparation


umeer-vacuum-machine / wartmann-vacuummachine-wm-1507-sl / "target =" _ blank "> a vacuum machine for less than 60 euros and worth the money.ref = "https://www.sousvidekenner.nl/images/companies/1/_blogs/sous-vide-kerst--perfecte-biefstuk_1280.jpg" target = "_ blank"> sous-vide: perfectly cooked meat

With sous-vide it is considerably easier to deliver consistent quality. The principle is actually very simple: a vacuum-packed item is boiled for a long time in a water bath that is kept at exactly the right temperature to achieve exactly the right cooking. Due to the low temperatures, the product is cooked evenly. In many cases there is a minimum time, but it does not matter whether the sous-vide preparation took a little longer, as long as the desired temperature has not been exceeded, the product will not continue cooking. So there is no stress at all and you can quietly take (much) longer than the minimum cooking time. For example, a steak will reach the correct cooking after about 45 minutes at about 55ºC and after that you can leave it for an hour. Ideal if you are also busy with other things. An additional advantage is that moisture, flavor and nutrients are stored in the vacuum packaging so that your dish always has the most optimal, full and natural taste.  

Cooking in plastic is not dirty

Cooking in plastic? Yes, no problem! All vacuum bags and vacuum foils in our webshop are 100% suitable for the relatively low temperatures of sous-vide and tasteless and odorless. Our vacuum bags have been tested with various media, such as water, alcohol, fatty acids, etc, and are certified according to the highest European standards (eg EC 1935-2004 ). Our vacuum bags are completely free from plasticizers (such as BPAs) and other chemicals that may be harmful to health or (adversely) affect taste. Your sous-vide dish is not contaminated with nasty substances and flavors, it just remains pure and healthy.

In fact, by vacuum cooking in sealed bags, all juices of the product are preserved (no weight loss) and you can enjoy optimal taste and all healthy vitamins and minerals that the product contains.  

Brown crust with a chef's burner (maillard reaction)

A method to get a nice crispy layer on your sous-vide steak quickly is by using a Hendi crème brûlée burner or other gas burner. Due to the extremely hot flame (1300ºC or even higher), a chemical reaction occurs quickly between the sugars and reducing amino acids in the meat, creating a perfectly crispy layer. Be careful not to burn the meat: this not only ruins the complex taste, but also causes carcinogenic substances that are very bad for your health.

It also works great with Picanha as you can see in the video below. Although next time we will use a somewhat larger burner for such a piece of meat ...


The principles behind sous vide

  • Vacuum packing and airtight sealing
    Stagnant air is an excellent insulator and drastically reduces heat transport. By removing all air in the vacuum bag (vacuuming), the contact surface between product and medium (water or steam) is greatly improved, so that the product cooks more evenly and better. In addition, all juices and thus all flavors are stored in the vacuum bags during preparation ( source ).

  • Full immersion in a water bath (or steam)
    By vacuuming and sealing the product in vacuum bags or-rolling / "target =" _ blank "> vacuum foil it can be immersed in water or steam without coming into contact with it. Water is an excellent heat conductor and maximizes the contact area for heat transfer, so that the product cooks more evenly and better.

  • Lower temperatures (far) below the point of purchase
    By heating the food at a constant low temperature (far) below boiling point for a longer period of time, the product cooks more evenly and better and the product remains much more tender and tasteful (for example, through denaturalisation of proteins or loss of vitamins and minerals).

  • Constant, accurate temperature (± 0.03 to 0.5ºC)
    Precise temperature control makes it possible to achieve exactly the same result every time. In addition, it removes the time pressure and stress of cooking, because the product does not continue cooking after the target temperature. This makes it possible to serve a product that is ready after 45 minutes, for example, after 60 minutes (or longer). Ideal for at home during barbecues or parties, but also in buffet or à la carte restaurants, and for catering, canteens and butchers. You simply prepare sufficient portions and serve when necessary!  

The benefits of sous vide

  • Great results - a refined taste and texture that simply cannot be done with any other method.
  • Maximum taste - the vacuum packaging preserves flavors and nutrients better ( source ).
  • Evenly cooked - the product heats up gently and therefore cooks evenly from the outside in.
  • Repeatable - once you have determined the correct temperature and time, the process is simple and repeatable.
  • No stress - the cooking times are long so that a prepared product can be served at any time.
  • Super simple - the correct time and temperature are sufficient for repeatable culinary successes
  • Affordable - the sous vide technique is affordable and impressive nowadays. Professional results can already be achieved with sous-vide water ovens that cost less than € 200 and sous-vide sticks that already cost less than € 150, such as the best-selling Wartmann SV-1507 WM sous-vide stick .  

The disadvantages of sous vide?

  • You need special equipment, such as a sous-vide stick or sous-vide water oven, and a vacuum machine with vacuum bags .
  • The cooking times are (much) longer than "normal" with recipes ranging from 45 minutes to 72 hours.
  • You can only cook one type of product (fish, meat, vegetables, etc) at a time sous-vide because you can only work with one temperature at a time, unless you use multiple sous-vide machines.
  • If you want a nice brown crust you have to cook the meat just after roasting or finish it with a chef's burner . Meat "cooked" with sous vide does not look very tasty.  

The sous vide process: the steps

Vacuum packaging (vacuuming)

What is sous vide? Step 1: vacuuming First of all, vacuum the food in vacuum bags or vacuum foil with a vacuum cleaner . This process draws most of the air out of the plastic bag, preventing food from spoiling, and the airtight bags keep the flavor and vnutrients ( source ) inside so that the food remains juicy, soft and full of flavor. We recommend the best-selling CASO VC 150 vacuum machine because it has an anti-moisture trench that makes it less likely to get stuck on wetter products (such as delicate sauces) or when you have added some oil or marinade to your food.

it is not necessary to use a vacuum packing machine for this. If you use vacuum bags with zip closure , you can carefully lower the water (with product). The pressure of the water pushes the air out of the bag. When you are almost at the zip lock, you can use the rim of the reservoir to close the zip lock. This does not produce a perfect vacuum and is somewhat detrimental to the cooking process, but it is advantageous! Always make sure that the bags or foil you are using are food safe and have the correct temperature resistance.

Heat in a bath of water

What is sous vide? Step 2: vacuum cooking in a water bath Cook the product at the right temperature and at the right time. The low temperature ensures optimal cooking of the product. For most types of food it is no problem to be kept at serving temperature (around 60 ° C) for a few hours longer, making the mise en place very simple: you simply remove the food from the reservoir when you need it.

While heating in a sous-vide water bath, you can optionally use an external core temperature sensor in combination with sous-vide sealing tape to monitor the core temperature of the product. This optimizes the duration of the process (no longer than necessary) and, in combination with the right temperature, makes it easier to comply with HACCP regulations (especially important for restaurants, butchers, catering, canteens and other professionals ). For this, very high-quality special sous-vide equipment is available .

Finishing and serving

What is sous vide? Step 3: finishing and serving Vegetables can usually be served immediately. You can also briefly place them on a very hot grill plate. Meat is perfectly cooked and full of flavor, but for the best taste, the outside must be browned briefly, for example in the pan, on the barbecue or with a flame torch. To do this, let the meat cool a little bit and then finish it on a very hot griddle, in a frying pan with some butter or with a crème brûlée burner to caramelize a very thin layer. Because the meat is already thoroughly cooked and at temperature, you can perform this last operation very briefly (well under 1 minute per side) so that there is no "gray area" of less flavorful meat because the heat has to draw in from the outside.  

Even more advantages of sous vide

at peak times a tasty meal can always be served.

  • Much less weight loss (moisture, taste and nutrients).
    • traditional cooking ± 20% loss.
    • Sous Vide ± 8% loss.
  • Tasty and healthy due to less use of salt and fat.
  • Better preservation of vitamins and minerals.
  • Fresh and hygienic; the vacuum bag is a good protection against dirt from the outside.
  • Extension of storage times.
  • Savings on energy and working hours; better organization in the kitchen, efficient use of quiet hours and economical handling of products.
  • With good labeling, production can be carried out by lower-skilled employees.
  • Also outside
  • Promotion of tenderness through less damage to cell structure.
  • The air microbes are removed by vacuuming and thanks to the rapid cooling, a stabilization of microbes occurs.
  • With an extensive steamer, with correct adjustment of temperature and cooking time, further control during the cooking process is no longer necessary.
  • Ideal for decentralizing the kitchen.  

Sous vide has become affordable

In addition, the sous-vide equipment has developed strongly in recent years and has become very affordable. Where previously sous-vide systems were only reserved for high-volume kitchens of large, expensive restaurants (or the very handy tinkerer), the sous-vide machines are now also available for the "ordinary" home user who occasionally wants to use sous-vide to have their steak just right. An excellent sous-vide circulator now costs less than € 200 and for about € 250 you have a complete set with an inexpensive vacuum machine and vacuum bags or vacuum foil on a roll .  

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Nowadays there are very affordable sous-vide machines , with the latest gadgets such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, and apps on which you can monitor exactly the sous-vide process and, if necessary, adjust it when you are not even in the kitchen! Enough choice for everyone, and with such low prices, there is no longer a good excuse not to try! For example, take a look at the iVide sous-vide stick with Wi-Fi and mobile phone app .  

Sous-vide stick or water oven?

There are roughly two types of sous-vide machines:

Sous vide sticks

What is a sous vide circulator?

A sous-vide stick, in fact, a thermometer, water pump and heating element, combined in a compact device that you can put in a water bath (note the capacity of the controller). You set the device to the desired temperature. When you submerge and turn on the device, the thermometer will compare the actual temperature of the water to the desired value and turn the heating element on or off. A pump ensures a constant supply of water along the heating element and turbulence in the reservoir, so that the heat spreads evenly. More expensive controllers have more advanced (PID) controllers, making them more accurate and stable in temperature, so for a controller you also need a reservoir, and the (double) insulated basins are particularly expensive. In addition, you often also need insulating balls that act as a lid so that significantly less steam and heat escapes.  

Sous-vide water ovens

water oven? "src =" https://www.sousvidekenner.nl/images/companies/1/wat-is-sousvide-wateroven.jpg?1476266452643 "style =" float: left; margin: 0px 5px 5px 0px; width: 100px; height: 80px; "/>

A sous-vide water oven is basically a circulation controller with an integrated reservoir, and works much the same. A disadvantage of this is that the device itself is larger if you do not consider the separate reservoir for a controller. The big advantage of water ovens, however, is the (much) greater efficiency, mainly because of the insulation of the reservoir. This makes the water heat up faster and the temperature is more stable. If you have the space, you are ready in one go: you no longer need an (insulated) reservoir, and no insulating balls or lids, etc.  

Perfect steak with sous vide

One of the tastiest and easiest dishes to prepare with sous-vide is steak. Who doesn't like it? In any case, we think a good medium rare steak is delicious and we regularly prepare it. Ideal for discovering how easy and tasty sous-vide actually is. That is why we have written the recipe for you. Click on this link to view the recipe for perfect steak with sous vide .  

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