Top 5 best vacuum machines for sous-vide and storage + explanation and tips about vacuum sealing

How does vacuum packaging work?

Vacuum packaging (also called vacuum packaging) is fun and convenient, with the right vacuum packaging machine. You can save a lot of costs and food with it because you can keep it much longer. In addition, vacuum packaging with a good vacuum machine provides (much) better results with sous-vide cooking .

We are happy to explain how vacuuming works and what you need to vacuum pack, so read on. Do you have any questions after reading this article? Then please contact us .


The advantages of vacuum packaging (vacuuming)

  • Less food waste, so you save money!
  • Even cooked food stays edible for longer so save leftovers for the next meal.
  • Dishes and food stay fresh for up to 5 times longer and less flavor is lost.
  • With us you often receive extra 100 vacuum bags and a handy sous-vide table for free with your order ( view this promotion and read the rules).
  • No more freezer burn when you freeze vegetables, meat, herbs and fruit.
  • Use a bottle stopper (with a suitable vacuum machine ) to keep bottles of oil, wine, milk and yogurt good and fresh for longer.
  • Use a vacuum container or food container (with a suitable vacuum machine ) to keep soups, sauces, marinades, etc., good and fresh for longer.
  • Vacuum seal herbs for the freezer.
  • All vacuum bags in our web stores are BPA-free and food safe.

What do you need for vacuuming / vacuum packaging?

Below you will find a list of everything you need to get started with vacuuming / vacuum packaging quickly, efficiently and inexpensively (matching your budget and wishes). Click on the links to continue reading on that topic.

suitable for cooking eg vegetables ( not recommended for meat and fish ).

Tips for vacuuming wet products, liquids and marinades

Which vacuum machine is right for you?

After years of vacuuming, our experts have put together a clear selection of vacuum sealers that fit different budgets. All machines have been selected with care and experience so that you can be confident that the quality is good. And does the vacuum machine unexpectedly break down? Then we will provide a quick solution (warranty or repair).

Most economical choice: Ziva SlimTouch vacuum sealer

Ziva SlimTouch (externe) vacuümmachine

Seems deceiving because this compact vacuum machine delivers good results at a low price. The quality of the machine is excellent and lasts a long time. The only "disadvantage" is that you have to press the lid on for the first 3-4 seconds during the vacuuming process (after that it goes automatically). More expensive machines often have a lid with closures that keep the lid closed.

  • Lowest price and yet very reliable
  • Fair vacuum (65%): excellent for sous-vide cooking but less suitable for storage.
  • Reasonable speed (10 l / min): excellent for smaller portions and quantities.
  • Lid must be pressed for first 3-4 seconds.
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 390 x 80 x 55mm
  • Power: 100W
  • Note: only works well with embossed vacuum bags (do not use smooth bags).

Our recommendation: Ziva OneTouch vacuum sealer


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This elegant and functionally designed vacuum packing machine is by far our best-seller. Powerful and fast enough for a little more at home (and it may cost a little more). The sleek appearance with touch operation has few seams and is therefore very easy to clean. Despite its small size and favorable price, the Ziva OneTouch offers serious performance and possibilities, such as 2 different positions for vacuum (normal / careful) and sealing (wet / dry), and a connection for vacuum accessories such as storage boxes and wine stoppers.

Suitable for vacuum boxes and wine stoppers

This versatile vacuum machine also comes with a hose that you can connect to the special connection in the vacuum chamber. This makes it possible to use certain vacuum accessories such as vacuum storage boxes and vacuum bottle stoppers . (suitable for Caso and Wartmann accessories)

  • Slightly higher price but reliable, faster, more powerful and more options
  • Good vacuum (75%): excellent for sous-vide cooking and food packaging / storage.
  • Reasonable speed (12 l / min): excellent for most home use
  • Self-closing lid: your hands free during fully automatic vacuum and / or seal cycle.
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 360 x 150 x 78mm
  • Power: 110W
  • Note: only works well with embossed vacuum bags (do not use smooth bags).

For the home chef: CASO VC 150 vacuum sealer

Caso VC 150 vacuümmachine

This elegant all-rounder has been our best-selling vacuum packaging machine for 5 years in a row. Equipped with almost everything you could wish for at home with excellent performance and yet a very competitive price

  • High quality vacuum sealing machine
  • Many functions that even the most experienced vacuum cleaner can handle
  • Suitable for vacuum accessories with hose .
  • Achieves deep vacuum (about 75%) and works nice and fast
  • High ease of use and a self-closing lid
  • You need embossed vacuum bags for this vacuum packing machine .
pen-water oven-regulator-buy-CASO-VC-150-vacuum-machine-300009-01.jpg.jpg "target =" _ blank "> Buy CASO VC 150 vacuum macine

Demanding users: Foodsaver Profi Line FSV005 vacuum sealer

Foodsaver vacuümmachine Profi Line RVS FSV005

Foodsaver is a well-known brand with very high quality vacuum products, all possible functions you could wish for, the possibility to connect vacuum accessories via a hose, suitable for working with vacuum foil, high ease of use, and high quality.