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SousvideKenner sous-vide workshop met Robert Verweij With sous-vide you get the most out of your dishes, you already knew that. And with our handy sous-vide table you no longer have to search and try. Your meat, fish, vegetables and even desserts have never been so good! But sous vide is not and will not be an exact science, and while it is easy to get started, it is not easy to master. It always remains experiments until you have discovered the ultimate combination of factors for your favorite dishes.

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With the help of cook and vinologist   Robert Verweij from TeesT takes the guesswork out of your sous-vide pleasure! During this 6-hour course you will learn to cook the ins and outs of sous-vide and you will also have delicious dishes prepared with sous-vide! Afterwards you will receive a handy reference book full of information and dishes. You will even receive a certificate so that you can show everyone that sous vide has no secrets for you anymore.

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For more information about the content of the workshop, the costs and placing a reservation, please visit the TeesT website. There are many more fun cooking courses for enthusiasts!

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Sous-vide workshop TeesT


Wat ik ontzettend heb gemist in de workshop is het "zelf" doen, alles was door kok Eddy perfect en tot in de details voorbereid. Ik had erg graag wat meer praktijkgericht bezig geweest. Het theoriegedeelte was prima, de lunch meer dan perfect.

Prima workshop, veel geleerd, maar duurde mij iets te lang eigenlijk

Super goede workshop van Robert! Heb er veel geleerd en het eten wat super lekker. Ik kan iedereen aanraden deze sous-vide workshop te volgen als je écht meer wilt weten over sous-vide.

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