Houtmot Oak (500ml) voor rookapparaat smoker

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Smoke the dishes in front of your customers or friends for an unforgettable dining experience!

Smoke wood chips is a fine sawdust that is used in combination with a smoking device. It is used for cold smoking (and is not suitable for hot smoking) where the temperature in the smoker does not exceed 25 °.

The wood chips are chemical-free and specially made for use with cold smokers, such as the PolyScience Smoking Gun. The Smoking wood chips is perfect for smoking, because it smolder slowly and a little bit lasts a long time.

  • Apple: Apple 's sweet fruity smoke goes perfectly with poultry or ham, and its sweet taste makes it ideal as an addition to desserts and fruit cocktails. It is the strongest smoke aroma of fruit trees.
  • Cherry: Cherry wood gives a wonderfully rich, soft, sweet and fruity aroma; the perfect addition to poultry, but also vegetables and any other kind of meat, or use it in combination with the Oak Smoking wood chips for smoked turkey. It is good for smoking any product you would like to smoke. In any case, it is perfect for chicken, pork, ham and beef.
  • Oak: Oak is most commonly used for smoking and gives off a very smoky aroma that is excellent for red meat, game and pork. It is also perfect for sausages or, in combination with the cherry Smoking wood chips, for smoking turkey, good for smoking any kind of food. Tip: use it with beef.
  • Hickory: The favorite for certain reasons, it is used by many people. Very sweet, heavy bacon flavor. This strong aroma works well with pork, ribs, ham, poultry, and beef. The Hickory smoke wood chips has a deep intense barbecue flavor that lends itself well to pork such as attorney or spare ribs and poultry. Heavy smoke taste, use in moderation.
  • Bourbon: This Bourbon Soaked Oak, or Bourbon soaked oak Smoking wood chips, gives off a rich aroma that pairs well with ribs, beef and other red meats.


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