As true experts and fanatical home cooks, we know better than anyone what you need. That is why, with most orders from € 49 ,  we provide free accessories which will add value and be useful for your hobby.

Game rules

Free products are automatically added to your shopping cart when your order qualifies. If no free products are added to your shopping cart, there is no extra offer and you cannot reclaim this later. You may receive the following products:

  • a sous vide table with almost all sous vide products, from € 49
  • vacuum bags with most vacuum machines
  • descaler with almost all sous vide sticks.
  • Please note: free food is not currently provided with food dryers.

De gratis producten worden automatisch toegevoegd wanneer uw het product toevoegt aan uw winkelwagentje. U hoeft hier verder niets voor te doen. Wanneer het product niet wordt toegevoegd dan is deze aanbieding niet van toepassing.

The free accessories are automatically added when you add the (main) product to your shopping cart. You don't have to do anything else for this. If the (main) product is not added then this offer does not apply.

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Unique cooking times and temperature table for sous vide, worth €4,95

With this table, compiled by Sous vide experts, you never have to look for the right temperature or time again. For orders over € 49 you will receive this handy table for free. The table is laminated and therefore waterproof. So you can leave it on your kitchen counter without worrying about getting wet.

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Handy isolation balls with every sous vide stick, worth €29,95

These insulating balls greatly reduce evaporation (water loss) and heat loss by up to 90% when you use a sous vide stick in a sous vide water container without a lid. Moreover, your vacuum bags stay well under water and you don't have to worry about them floating. In addition, the balls are highly sound-insulating, sun-resistant and odours reducing.

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100 Vacuum bags with every vacuum machine worth €11,95

Sooner or later you will be without vacuum bags, and you have to order again. To postpone that moment for as long as possible, you will receive no less than 100 free vacuum bags in the most commonly used dimensions: 15x25cm. This way you can continue to vacuum to your heart's content without having to worry about your supply of vacuum bags.


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