Smoke bundle 1 - Hendi Smoker Deluxe + Glass dome + Wood moth

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Hendi Smoker Compact Deluxe smoking device

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Glass bell cloche

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Wood moth 4 flavors 250 ml

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Looking for a gift for the holidays or just for yourself?

With this bundle you have everything you need to put an unforgettable dinner on the table: create a super effect by removing the bell jar from the dish at the table. With the four flavors of wood moth in this bundle you can already try the most popular flavors for yourself!

Compact smoking device

For cold smoking of food and drinks. Give all your dishes super easy a delicious smoky taste. Use with the glass dome for a spectacular presentation. The bell jar in this bundle has no hole on the side, which allows it to hold the smoke even better.

What can I smoke?

You can smoke almost anything! Since the smoke is cold, you don't have to worry about it melting or heating your dishes. For new taste sensations, try butter, chocolate, fish fillet, sauces or even popcorn and ice cream!

The smoking gun is also a great way to finish sous vide prepared dishes, or any other method where food has not come into direct contact with smoke. You can also add smoke to alcohol and cocktails.

How long do I have to smoke something?

In general, you use a smoking device for about 30-60 seconds. For a more intense flavor, repeat this.

Which wood moth should I use in my smoking appliance?

The possibilities are almost endless. For example, try different flavors of wood moth, tea, herbs, or even hay and dried flowers. The smoking gun works with most types of fine wood moth.

Give your dishes a wonderfully subtle smoke flavor

With this high quality wood moth for your smoking device / smoking gun. Four tins with very diverse flavors so that you can find a matching taste for every dish.

Set of 4 tins, each with 250 ml wood moth in the flavors:

  • Cherry
  • Hickory
  • Oak
  • Mesquite

About the flavors:

  • Cherry: Soft sweet fruity smoke. Especially suitable for poultry, but great for any kind of meat.
  • Hickory: The Hickory smoke moth gives a deep intense barbecue flavor. Very sweet, heavy bacon flavor. This strong aroma works well with pork, ribs, ham, poultry, and beef. (Heavy smoke flavor, use in moderation).
  • Oak: Oak is most commonly used for smoking and gives off a very smoky aroma that is excellent for red meat, game and pork. It is also perfect for sausages or, in combination with the cherry wood moth, for smoking turkey. Good for smoking any kind of food. Mild smoke with little aftertaste, oak is the most versatile to use.
  • Mesquite: Strong earthy taste and a very popular type of wood in the USA. Sweeter and more delicate than hickory. Especially suitable for richer meats such as steak, duck or lamb.
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