Hendi Vide machine kopen met vacuum apparatuur

Hendi Food Service Equipment is a supplier of equipment, buffet items and kitchen and tableware for the catering industry. Since its foundation in 1934, Hendi has grown into an international company with offices in the Netherlands, Austria, Poland and Romania. The Hendi brand has an excellent name as a total supplier for the catering industry with high-quality products, good availability and excellent prices.

Sousvidekenner.nl proudly represents the excellent quality sous vide machines (water ovens ) and vacuum equipment , vacuum bags and vacuum foils. Hendi's sous vide appliances and vacuum packing machines offer an excellent price / quality ratio and are used at home and in professional kitchens. The vacuum bags and vacuum foils are among the most advantageous.

Do you have any questions about Hendi sous vide or vacuum products? Then call 085 301 2306

Hendi sous-vide machine GN2/3 (13 liter)
Save 6%
319,00 298,99
Tomorrow at home
Power rating400 W
Hendi sous-vide koksbrander - navulbaar
Save 16%
39,00 32,95
Tomorrow at home
Delivery on 12 october
Hendi sous-vide machine GN1/1 (20 liter)
Save 4%
429,00 412,45
Tomorrow at home
Power rating600 W
EOL Hendi sous-vide stick iVide 2.0
Save 15%
189,00 159,95
Tomorrow at home
Power rating1200 W
Hendi Snijplank Rubberwood groot
Save 3%
36,24 34,98
Tomorrow at home
Tomorrow at home
Choose your size14 x 20 cm
Tomorrow at home
Hendi Snijplank Rubberwood Medium
Save 9%
21,97 19,99
Tomorrow at home
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Product type


  • 1
  • 1297
Adjustable vacuum
Capacity (liters)
Vacuum hose
Pulsating marinating
Removable marinade chamber
Working with vacuum foil
Type of vacuum bags
Bag / foil width

cm  –  cm

  • 14cm
  • 30cm
Bag / foil length

cm  –  cm

  • 20cm
  • 600cm
Vacuum sealer type
Pump (ltr / min)

ltr/min  –  ltr/min

  • 20ltr/min
  • 77ltr/min
Max width bag / foil (cm)

cm  –  cm

  • 28cm
  • 40cm