Vacuümkamermachine Wartmann WM-1509 VAC Professional

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Vacuum chamber machine Wartmann WM-1509 VAC Professional

The cheapest and newest vacuum chamber machine in our range, with the highest power.
Wartmann guarantees a diverse range of high-quality yet affordable kitchen machines with excellent service and warranty conditions.
The machine is quite fast and above all very powerful (up to 98% vacuum, under ideal conditions) and easy to use with automatic start and open, and various setting options. Due to the high power, this machine is capable of the deepest vacuum in the shortest time.

Wartmann: affordable quality! This chamber vacuum device with a digital control panel and adjustable sealing time; suitable for professional use. Equipped with a transparent lid so that you always have a view of the vacuum packaging. This chamber vacuum device starts automatically when you close the lid. The lid opens automatically when the seal is ready.

Can be used with normal vacuum bags without a microstructure and is suitable for vacuum packaging liquids such as a (cold) soup.
This chamber vacuum device also has a marinating function.

Features Wartmann WM-1509 VAC Professional

  • Professional quality: remove up to 95% air for long-term storage!
  • Robust, stainless steel housing with transparent lid
  • Starts automatically when closing the lid
  • Lid opens automatically when the seal is ready
  • Large, powerful discharge pump for a short working time
  • Internal clamp for clamping vacuum bags in position (no shims required)
  • Sealing time can be set manually.
  • Marinating function for accelerated marinating of meat
  • Pump pressure: -1006 millibar / -29.7 € mercury pressure
  • Chamber printing: - 999 millibar / -29.5 € mercury printing
  • Pump type: dry
  • Maximum vacuum bag width: 300mm
  • Seal wire thickness: 10mm
  • Seal wire length: 290 mm
  • Vacuum chamber size: 350 x 300 x 110 mm (L x W x H)
  • Power 1200 W.
  • Voltage 220-240V @ 50 Hz
  • Weight: 27.4 kg
Product type
Vacuum chamber machines
2 year
Power rating
1200 W
Max. vacuum
1.05 bar
Vacuum machine type
  • Vacuum chamber machine
Max width of bag / foil
29 cm
Adjustable vacuum pressure
Seal strip
2 x 2.5 mm
Adjustable sealing time
0 - 6 seconds
External hose connection
No, not suitable for vacuum accessories
Pulsating marinating
Working with marinade
Safe to use; no chance of damage
Working with vacuum foil
No special facilities
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Handleiding Vacuümkamermachine Wartmann WM-1509 VAC Professional (USER_MANUAL_VACUUM_WM-1509_VAC.pdf, 611 Kb) [Download]

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