CaterChef sous-vide en vacuummachines

CaterChef offers a range of professional sous-vide and vacuum equipment suitable for the professional kitchen, distinguishing itself on quality, durability and functionality. The CaterChef sous-vide water bath bain-marie machines are designed with a clear emphasis on ease of use, simplicity and function. For example, these machines are standard equipped with a drain valve and mechanical circulation. The CaterChef sous-vide systems are perfect for catering, restaurants and other commercial, professional kitchens. The CaterChef vacuum devices are also based on the same values and are of high quality and ease of use.

CaterChef  vacuümmachine Professional (sealbalk 40cm)
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Vermogen350 W Max. vacuüm0.9bar Type vacuümmachineExterne vacuümmachine Snelheid20ltr/min Max breedte zak/folie45cm
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Type vacuümmachine
Pomp (ltr/min)

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  • 20ltr/min
  • 20ltr/min
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  • 45cm
  • 45cm