FusionChef: premium sous vide for professionals

When top chefs started experimenting with the sous-vide cooking technique in the 1970s, they realized that extremely precise control of temperature and heat transfer are crucial for the (even) cooking of food. They soon discovered that equipment had previously been developed for laboratory applications where samples had to be kept accurately at temperature. Therefore, grateful use was made of this.

One manufacturer of such laboratory equipment has since worked with top chefs around the world to optimize the FusionChef sous-vide equipment for the demands of the professional kitchen. Julabo GmbH develops and produces advanced, innovative temperature control technology "Made in Germany". Thanks to the exceptionally high quality in combination with fast and professional support, Julabo has grown into a worldwide market leader in the field of temperature control solutions.

What makes FusionChef so special?

FusionChef's premium sous-vide controllers combine the highest temperature accuracy (± 0.01ºC) with industrial quality and extreme durability. The design is absolutely top level and will be an eye-catcher in even the most high-end kitchen. With no less than 15 programmable pre-sets, full data logging, thermal protection of the heating element, low water level alarm and a stainless steel housing with ditto clamp, peace of mind returns to your kitchen!

Fully HACCP certified

Fully complying with HACCP is easier than ever with the FusionChef sous-vide devices. Full registration of all process parameters that are automatically saved and read through the easy-to-use Easy FusionChef software (for Windows).

Sousvidekenner is an authorized dealer of FusionChef

As a dealer you can return to us with all your questions. We almost always deliver the products from stock within 2 - 3 working days, but if necessary, the next day can be delivered. In the rare event that a device breaks down, you will receive a replacement device from us as soon as possible (but no later than within 24 hours) during the repair period so that you can continue working as soon as possible.

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