Vacuum Food Containers

With these vacuum storage boxes (or fresh food trays) you can store food much longer (up to 5-7x). You connect the vacuum holding box to your vacuum machine through a suitable vacuum hose and then suck all the air out of the vacuum bin. This gives bacteria less chance and your food will last longer. Useful for soups and marinades, but also for every other conceivable food. Please note: Foodsaver food containers are only suitable for Foodsaver vacuum machines.

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Caso vacuum storage box canisters set (3-piece)
Delivered on Monday
Wartmann vacuum storage box 2.5 liters
Delivered on Monday
Foodsaver vacuüm marinadebox Quick Marinator 2,1L
Delivered on Monday
Wartmann vacuum storage box 0.6 liters
Delivered on Monday
Foodsaver FRESH food container 700 ml (vacuum container) Save
14,94 14,95
Delivered on Monday
Food saver FRESH food container 1.2 liters (vacuum container) Save
16,94 16,95
Delivered on Monday
Food saver FRESH food container 1.8 liters (vacuum container) Save
19,94 19,95
Delivered on Monday
Bartscher vacuum box 1.5 liters
Delivered on Monday
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