Professional sous vide for restaurants

FusionChef: Premium Sous-Vide for catering professionals The sous-vide cooking technique dates back to the 1970s and has since made its appearance in many kitchens. The many advantages of sous-vide yarn (also called vacuum yarn ) are now also being discovered by more and more restaurants. Sous-vide cooking is also known as roneren , which comes from the classic device "Roner" (there are now many modern alternatives ) Since then, there have been many developments in the field of preparation and equipment and people therefore mainly talk about sous -vide or vacuum yarn.

Thanks to the convenience and consistent product cooking, sous-vide should not be missing in a good restaurant. Sous-vide is of course also ideal for caterers (catering), company canteens, butchers and high-volume kitchens.

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Sous-vide is ideal for restaurants and all other professional catering establishments

  • Repeatable quality - because the cooking process is extremely precise, the results are the same every time.
    Chefs sometimes say: you are only as good as your previous result
  • Easy to plan - you prepare a number of servings so they are ready to serve at any time. For example, steak only needs to be baked after 45 minutes at about 55ºC for a nice brown layer
  • Great results - a refined taste and texture that simply cannot be done with any other method
  • Maximum taste - the vacuum packaging preserves juices, flavors and nutrients better ( Source: USDA )
  • Evenly cooked - the food is cooked evenly making it equally cooked from the outside in

Sousvidekenner has a wide range of professional sous-vide machines that are ideal for professional conditions and high-volume kitchens.

FusionChef (HACCP certified) for the most demanding restaurants!

        Fusion chef stands for advanced, innovative sous-vide equipment "Made in Germany", of the highest quality. Thanks to the exceptionally high quality combined with fast and professional support, FusionChef is rightly a market leader when it comes to professional sous vide cooking appliances. Read more about FusionChef Sous-vide equipment .

        The advantages of Fusion chef

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        • Easily comply with HACCP using extensive data registration ( Diamond series)
        • Temperature stability ± 0.01 ° C
        • Hygienic anti-fingerprint stainless steel housing
        • 15 Pre-programmed temperature memory buttons (fish, meat, groasting)
        • Core temperature alarm (acoustic and visual)
        • Efficient HACCP data storage so that you meet the certification without any worries
        • Easy automatic calibration
        • Simultaneous display of target and actual temperature, core temperature and timers
        • PC control and recording
        • Protection of electronics against damage from steam and condensation
        • Warranty: 2 years with excellent conditions and service