Roner Clip Sous Vide stick Professional

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The brand new and very modern Roner Clip Sous Vide stick Professional sous-vide stick represents the latest developments in the field of sous-vide and is also a pleasure to watch. Operation is extremely simple and intuitive and can be set up without a single glance at the manual. With a sufficient power of 800 watts, it can easily keep a 20 liter reservoir at the right temperature.

Roner Clip Sous Vide stick Professional

With the Roner Clip Sous Vide Stick from Taurus Professional, you can cook a vacuum-packed piece of meat or fish at a low temperature. This process is called sous-vide cooking . With sous-vide cooking you prevent dehydration and a piece of meat stays nice and juicy and tasty. You clamp the sous vide stick to the edge of a pan filled with water. Choose the desired temperature up to 90ºC, depending on the type of dish you are making. You can easily set the cooking time with the timer. That way you don't have to worry about this anymore and you can continue with the rest of the dish in the meantime. After use, clean the sous vide by hand. Want to know more about sous-vide? Read our extensive article here .

Note: this is not the Steba SV 50 and this sous-vide stick is an updated model and of higher quality!

Features Roner Clip Sous Vide stick Professional

  • Power: 800 Watt
  • Maximum reservoir: 20 liters
  • Maximum temperature: 90ºC
  • Temperature accuracy: 0.1ºC
  • Control accuracy: 0.5ºC
  • Heat about 20 liters of water in 45 minutes to 56 °C
  • Compact, sturdy and special design appearance
  • Stainless steel housing, so does not rust
  • Easy disassembly and cleaning
  • Timer up to 99 hours and 59 minutes with audible alarm
  • Compact sprung clamp with rubber lining
  • Maximum wall thickness of reservoirs: 10mm
  • Suitable for any reservoir with a depth of at least 15 cm
  • Simple operation through clear LCD display and handy turning wheel
  • Warranty: 2 years with excellent conditions and service
  • Recommended accessories:

Need a good sous-vide reservoir?

Sous-vide expert recommends unbreakable transparent polycarbonate reservoirs for use with our sous-vide controllers. The material does not become soft due to the warm water and the outside does not get as hot as a steel (soup) pan. Moreover, it immediately serves as a sous-vide storage box.

Wow your friends with perfectly finished meat?

The Hendi crème brûlée burner - refillable is ideal for an optimal finish of meat after sous-vide preparation. Forget that frying pan! With a temperature of up to 1300ºC you can sear your sous-vide prepared meat product in an instant and you get a beautiful wafer-thin crispy brown layer ( maillard reaction ) without further cooking the meat. Fast, simple and professional!

What is sous vide cooking?

Sous-vide (French for "under vacuum") means that vacuum packed food is heated by means of steam or in a water bath at a relatively low, constant and exact temperature (approx. 0.1 ºC) for a longer period of time. By heating the food below boiling point, it cooks slowly but surely through and through, while for example meat remains perfectly tender and all juices, andso taste, are preserved. In short, always evenly cooked and maximum taste, and also super easy to use. Sous-vide is really for everyone! Read our extensive article here: https://www.sousvidekenner.nl/wat-is-sous-vide/

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Product type:
Sous-vide sticks
Warranty :
2 year
Power rating:
800 W
20 liter
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Kwalitatief hele goede machine. Had eerst een machine van de Lidl en wilde graag wat beters. Een stick leek me wel handig en hoewel het allemaal een stuk duurder is heb ik er ook veel meer plezier van. Ik kan sous-vide en dit apparaat aan iedereen aanbevelen!

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