Sous Vide Sticks

A sous-vide `stick is a relatively compact sous-vide machine that you can place upright in a (suitable) reservoir and that looks a bit like a large hand blender. The Sous Vide water reservoir / container can, for example, be a large soup pot, bucket or even a storage box. But make sure that the material can handle the temperatures of the Sous Vide recipes, otherwise the material will become soft and weak. We recommend the use of our transparant polycarbonate Sous Vide containers. As long as the water level is sufficient for the minimum and maximum immersion depth of the stick. They are cheaper in relation to the maximum water capacity than Sous Vide water ovens.

These Sous Vide devices are also called Sous Vide sticks, Sous Vide (circulation) controllers, Sous Vide immersion heaters and very occasionally called roners, water container / reservoir heaters or water container / reservoir thermostats.

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