SousVideKenner advantage bundle 9 - iVide Wi-Fi stick + Caso VC 350

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WiFi Sous-vide stick iVide with app

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Caso VC 350 vacuum machine

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Ziva insulation balls (250 pieces)

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Ziva sous-vide vacuum bags embossed Medium 20x30cm (100pcs)

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Ziva Sous Vide Vacuum Bags embossed Small 15x25cm (100 pcs)

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These affordable bundles have been specially formulated by SousVidekenner for anyone who wants to discover sous-vide cooking : extra cheap and immediately ready to start. The advantage is high because of handy free extras, such as sous-vide insulation balls and enough vacuum bags to prepare sous-vide to your heart's content for the time being. The products in this very complete bundle have been selected for their excellent quality.

Tip! Also check out the recommended accessories to get even more out of your sous-vide experience.

The iVide WiFi sous-vide stick is the smartest sous-vide circulator of the moment!

Thanks to the handy smartphone app, you never have to worry about the cooking time and temperature again and you always get the best result. You simply select the product you want to prepare, select the weight and the desired cooking and the iVide sous-vide stick will do the rest. And all this wirelessly via the built-in WiFi connection, so you don't have to stay in the kitchen and still know exactly what happens in your sous-vide bath .

The iVide sous-vide stick is equipped with a 360 ° directional water pump for maximum circulation, and a user-friendly (non-reflective) touch screen display that responds well even with wet fingers. The iVide is made of high quality stainless steel parts that do not corrode, are very durable and easy to keep clean. The iVide sous-vide stick is easy to disassemble and the steel parts can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher (follow the instructions in the manual). The temperature can easily be set between 25 to 90 ° C and the timer up to 99 hours. The modern and advanced 800W heating element is protected and can never damage itself. Read more on the product page .

Powerful and comprehensive Caso VC 350 vacuum machine for the home

The Caso VC 350 vacuum machine fully automatically removes 90% of the air (vacuuming) from foil or bag and then seals it airtight. This preserves all the flavors and smells of the ingredients. In addition, your food stays fresh for up to 8 times longer without preservatives, so it fits perfectly with a healthy lifestyle.

The intuitive operation of the Caso VC 350 vacuum machine via the Soft Touch Panel makes it possible to vacuum and seal individually, or both in a fully automatic cycle. Press the lid until you hear a click on both sides. You can now release the lid and start the automatic vacuuming program. Very easy! The particularly smooth finish of the housing and the seamless control panel make this device exceptionally easy to keep clean and therefore very hygienic (excellent for sous-vide). Read more on the product page .

Please note: this vacuum machine is only suitable for vacuum bags with relief and is optimized for vacuum foil .

Need a good sous-vide reservoir?

Sousvidner recommends unbreakable transparent polycarbonate reservoirs for use with our sous-vide controllers. The material does not soften due to the warm water and the outside does not get as hot as a steel (soup) pan. In addition, it immediately serves as a sous-vide storage box.

Stunning friends with perfectly finished meat?

Thendi crème brûlée burner - refillable "> Hendi crème brûlée burner - refillable is ideal for an optimal finish of meat after sous-vide preparation. Forget that frying pan! With a temperature of up to 1300ºC you can sear sous-vide prepared meat product in an instant and you get a beautiful wafer-thin crispy brown layer ( maillard reaction ) without further cooking the meat.Quick, simple and professional!

What is sous vide cooking?

Read our extensive article here: https://www.sousvidekenner.nl/wat-is-sous-vide/

Sous-vide (French for "under vacuum") means that vacuum-packed food is heated for a longer period of time by means of steam or in a water bath at a relatively low, constant and exact temperature (approx. 0.1 ° C). By heating the food below boiling point, it slowly but surely cooks through, for example, meat remains perfectly tender and all juices, and therefore flavors, are preserved. In short, always evenly cooked and maximum taste, and super easy to use. Sous-vide is really for everyone!

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