Ziva sous-vide insulation balls (250 pieces)

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Up to 90% less shedding and keeps your pockets underwater

Sous-vide expert insulation balls sous-vide sous-vide insulation balls steam trapping balls

These insulating balls greatly reduce evaporation (water loss) and heat loss by up to 90% when using a sous-vide circulator in a sous-vide water bath without a lid. In addition, your vacuum bags will stay well under water and you don't have to worry about them floating. In addition, the balls have a strong sound insulating, sun-resistant and reduce odors. Verpakking One pack of 250 sous-vide insulation balls is more than enough for our most common 7 and 12 liter sous-vide water containers and will save you a lot of water and electricity.

SousVideKenner strongly recommends the use of sous-vide isolation to enhance your sous-vide experience and its efficiency. The balls come in a handy dishwasher and water resistant bag and can easily be cleaned occasionally and stored in the bag.

When the entire surface of the reservoir is covered with these balls, heat loss and evaporation are greatly reduced, up to 90%. In addition, the effects of smells and light are also minimized. A pack of 250 sous-vide insulation balls is enough for about 30 x 30 cm or GN 1/2 gastronorm containers.

Also suitable for sous-vide water ovens with lid

Sous-vide insulation balls are also useful in sous-vide water ovens. A lid only prevents the water from escaping, which is useful for very long cooking times. But a lot of energy is still lost during evaporation, the vapor condenses against the cold (er) lid, after which the cooled droplets precipitate again in the bath. That is even twice the energy loss, which means that heating up takes longer and keeping it warm requires more electricity.

Sousvid connoisseur insulation balls tackle this problem at the source by preventing evaporation of the water (no contact between air and water) and are therefore the most effective and user-friendly method to optimize the efficiency (and speed) of your sous-vide preparation process. We therefore see that water ovens with insulation balls heat up faster (how much depends on the sous-vide machine and circumstances). Moreover, the balls prevent the bags from floating and possibly some of the product from rising unnoticed above the water surface (this sometimes occurs due to heating of the air still present or degassing of the product). The balls can easily be cleaned with a bag and in the dishwasher!

Perfect for our sous-vide tanks

Sous-vide insulation balls go perfectly with the following sous-vide reservoirs. With one pack of 250 sous-vide insulation balls you have enough for the polycarbonate sous-vide reservoirs of 7 liters and 12 liters .

How much do you need

One pack of 250 sous vide expert insulation balls enough to an area of approximately 0.2m 2 with cover. This is approximately the area of a GN1 / 2 sous-vide reservoir. Below you will find an overview of the number of packaging you need per type of reservoir.

Features of our sous-vide insulation balls 20mm (250 pieces)

  • Food safe
  • Diameter: 20 mm
  • Material: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Includes net to store the balls
  • Works much better than any lid by preventing contact between water and air.
    • greatly reduced heat loss up to 90%
    • greatly reduced evaporation
    • improve the temperature accuracy
  • Greatly increase the energy efficiency of sous-vide circulators / sous-vide sticks

Product type:
Insulation balls
Warranty :
2 year
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