Second chance

We offer a free trial period of 14 days. Not good, money back!
And we reimburse all costs, including shipping costs. Isn't it Super?

We call products we get back 'Second chance', because they deserve a second chance and we offer them with high discounts!

Second chance products are:

  • extra advantageous,
  • as good as new products,
  • clean and tested by a expert,
  • with invoice and warranty.

Do not wait to long!

Deze producten staan meestal niet lang te koop want de korting op deze producten is zéér hoog.
Dus grijp je kans en tik nu een zo goed als nieuw product op de kop voor een tweedehands prijs!

These products are usually not availabel / on sales for long, simply because the discount on these products is very high, so they are normally gone in no time!
So take your chance and tap an almost new product for a second-hand price!

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