CASO dry-age koeler - DryAged Master 380 Pro

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Caso Dry age cabinet with compressor technology

Dry maturing is the oldest dry maturing process for meat maturation. The meat is aged at a certain humidity and temperature and is used to develop the particularly delicate and aromatic flavour. The process is also used to age cheese and other foods. The purpose of maturation is to intensify and further develop the flavor of the food.

CASO Design professional aging cabinets with compressor technology - a real must-have for all gourmets and steak lovers!

With the high-quality professional ripening cabinets from the DryAged Master product series, CASO Design has succeeded in creating the perfect conditions for the traditional dry aging process, both for the commercial sector and in private households. Thanks to sophisticated technology, the ripening cabinets from CASO Design are particularly user-friendly and they only need a socket to do their job. Perfect for producing culinary dry aged specialties exactly according to your wishes at home.

Exclusive all-rounder

House aged. Exactly to your taste. - With the CASO Design DryAged Master you can give your meat the highest level of refinement using the traditional method of dry aging known as dry aging. The professional aging cabinet is also suitable for post-processing, storing or presenting sausage, ham, game, cheese, wine and much more.

Precisely adjustable humidity

The humidity in the DryAged Master can also be accurately controlled. This can be set between 50 - 85% using the touch control panel. Thanks to the integrated H20 storage tank, this is even possible without connection to the water supply or tap.

Accurate temperature control

The electronic temperature control of CASO Design's exclusive professional maturation cabinet guarantees precise control and constant temperature maintenance, accurate to within 1 °C. The temperature is adjustable from 2 - 14 °C in steps of 1 °C.

Perfect UV protection

Thanks to the high-quality glass door with a stainless steel frame and 3-layer UV glass, the valuable contents of the DryAged Master are optimally protected against harmful UV light. With the integrated lock, the panoramic glass door can be locked if necessary.

Always hygienically clean

Your premium meat matures under perfectly hygienic conditions in the DryAged Master from CASO Design until it has reached the desired maturity. Thanks to the integrated active carbon filter, the antibacterial UV light and the intelligent airflow, harmful bacteria and germs have no chance.

High quality professional accessories

The delivery of the DryAged Master includes several grids and a hanging frame with stainless steel meat hooks. For example, with the included accessories, large pieces of meat can be hung on the bone or placed on one of the included grids.



  • High quality maturing cabinet with compressor technology
  • For storing, presenting and maturing high quality meat
  • Usable volume of 380 liters
  • Temperature electronically adjustable from 2 - 14 °C (in 1 °C steps)
    The maximum temperature that can be reached inside the device cannot be significantly higher than the ambient temperature at the setup location
  • Indoor humidity adjustable from 50 - 85 %
  • Active fans for a very even temperature
  • Intuitive operation using the touch control panel
  • 3-layer UV glass
  • Lockable with an integrated lock
  • Switchable interior lighting
  • Switchable, antibacterial UV light
  • With built-in activated carbon filter
  • Incl. Racks and hangers with meat hooks (made of stainless steel)
Product type
Dry-age ripening cabinet
2 year
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Instruction Manual (691_manual_20211126.pdf, 2,490 Kb) [Download]

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